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First international cross-disciplinary conference “Cognitive Technologies and Quantum Intelligence” (17-18 May, 2018)

First international cross-disciplinary conference  “Cognitive Technologies and Quantum Intelligence”  (17-18 May, 2018)

First international cross-disciplinary conference

Cognitive Technologies and Quantum Intelligence

(17-18 May, 2018)


The aim of the Conference is to  bring together world top experts in the quantum approach to cognitive, sociohumanitarian and computer sciences.


Conference chairV.N. Vasiliev, rector of ITMO University, member of RAS, professor.


Program Committee:

A.Yu. Khrennikov – deputy chair (Linnaeus University, Sweden/ ITMO University, Russia)

A.P. Alodjants - deputy chair (ITMO University, Saint Petersburg)

S.V. Khmelevsky – deputy chair (ITMO University, Saint Petersburg)

A.V. Bukhanovsky (ITMO University, Saint Petersburg)

Yu.L. Slovokhotov, (Lomonosov Moscow State University)

A.A. Grib (Herzen University, Saint Petersburg)

E. Loubenets (Higher School of Economics)


Organizing Committee: 

S.V. Khmelevsky – deputy chair (ITMO University)

A.P. Alodjants - deputy chair (ITMO University)

I.A. Surov (ITMO University)

M.S. Mastin (ITMO University)


Main Topics of the Conference:

-  quantum theory and quantum measurement approach in  socio-humanitarian studies;

-  probabilistic and  quantum-like models of individual decision making in psychology and social sciences;

-  quantum approaches  to modeling of complex systems in economy and finance;

-  quantum approaches to cognitive computation and artificial intelligence;

-  probabilistic processes for cognitive computing,  

-  quantum and quantum-like simulators and analogue models   in photonics.


Conference sessions:

Quantum cognition is  a cross-disciplinary field of research which seeks to describe cognitive and psychological phenomena in the human system with formalisms and methods of quantum theory. The aim is to found out fundamental similarities in behavior of complicated social  and quantum  systems. Exploration of these analogies allows to obtain new information about the behavior of complex biological and social systems, on the other hand, to use well-developed methods of quantum mechanics, laser physics, and nonlinear dynamics for modeling human and social behavior.

Cognitive computations are newest technologies that partially repeat the features of the human brain and are able to work much more efficiently. It is promising to use  of such systems  in a huge variety of fields and directions, including banking, materials science, business optimization, urban infrastructure management, environmental assessment, research in various fields of science and medicine.  The main task of cognitive technologies is to enable a person to work with unstructured data in a convenient way.

Quantum  machine learning and quantum algorithms  are high performance programing  technologies  for solutions on quantum  (or quantum-like) computers (simulators) complex problems like data search in big data bases, classification etc.  The software for quantum machine learning uses quantum algorithms to process information, that does not available to the "ordinary" classical computer. This opens  entirely new possibilities and prospects in terms of accelerating the solution of computational hard problems that can surpass the most famous classical algorithms used in machine learning.


Format of the conference:

1.        Lectures of the world leading researchers (45 min)

2.        Invited  talks (45 min),

3.        Oral talks (30 min),

4.        Talks of Young researcher’s  (15 min).

5.        Participation without talk.

The information about  participation please submit to Prof. Dr. Sci. Alexander Alodjants, email 


Conference languages: English, Russian


Conference Venue: ITMO University, Saint Petersburg, Lomonosova str., 9


Important dates:

01.12.2017-01.02.2018 – Summary submission  

01.03.2018 – Second call

17.05.2018 – Conference beginning

Note, that for participants of non-Russian citizenship  the procedure to get  Russian visa takes two month. 


There is NO Conference fee for participants


Accomodation:  The Conference organizers are not able to  provide accommodation for participants.  The end of May is highly touristic season in Saint Petersburg. Please, book the hotel yourself taking into account your preferences. We hope you will enjoy form our historical city. 

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